Mocaccino Portage

MocaccinoOS variant based from Portage

Mocaccino Portage is a Gentoo-based distribution (derived from Sabayon) oriented towards Desktop systems.

At the moment are available alpha ISO releases.

Migrating from Sabayon systems

You can convert a Sabayon system (running Entropy) to Mocaccino OS (running luet) with the following commands as root

curl | sh
luet migrate-entropy

Migrations have been checked for systems running Sabayon 18.05 and newer. You can check which version of Sabayon you are running with cat /etc/sabayon-release.

Enabling the Portage Tree layer

Once converted to Mocaccino OS, you will want to enable the Mocaccino Repositories

luet install repository/mocaccino-portage-stable
luet install repository/mocaccino-extra-stable

Upgrading to the latest packages

Install all available newer packages from the Mocaccino repositories using:

luet upgrade

And finally, review and merge any changes to your configuration files:


Remove cached downloads

If you wish to reclaim the disk space used by the upgrade process (downloaded packages and cached metadata), you can do so using:

luet cleanup

Last modified December 29, 2020: Update migration repositories (2eea810)