Migrating from Gentoo

Migrating from Gentoo to MocaccinoOS Desktop

You can convert a Gentoo system to Mocaccino OS (running luet) with the following commands as root

curl https://get.mocaccino.org/luet/get_luet_root.sh | sh
luet install system/luet-migrate-emerge
luet migrate-emerge

migrate-emerge detects packages that are installed and fills the luet database accordingly. It will report any errors if any to screen. If you for some reason need to repeat this step, please remove the luet database first. rm /var/luet/db/luet.db

Even if in this way it is possible to keep in syncronization the db from portage to luet, migrations are experimental and are not guaranteed to work. Mixed systems aren’t supported, and usage of emerge and luet in the system is discouraged, see how to build packages instead.

Enabling the Portage Tree layer

Once converted to Mocaccino OS, you will want to enable the Mocaccino Repositories

luet install repository/mocaccino-os-commons
luet install repository/mocaccino-extra-stable
luet install repository/mocaccino-desktop-stable

Upgrading to the latest packages

Install all available newer packages from the Mocaccino repositories using:

luet upgrade

And finally, review and merge any changes to your configuration files:


Remove cached downloads

If you wish to reclaim the disk space used by the upgrade process (downloaded packages and cached metadata), you can do so using:

luet cleanup
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