Welcome to the MocaccinoOS wiki!

MocaccinoOS is a minimal meta-Linux Distribution. It uses Luet as Package Manager which is static and uses containers to build packages.

Main features of MocaccinoOS:

  • Focused on minimalism, small foot print and ease of use
  • Native Vanilla upstream kernel: We follow closely kernel versions from upstream, lts included.
  • Unique approach to Package Management: SAT solving applied also on package build in containers (docker, Kubernetes, … )
  • Meta distribution: It can be easily used to bootstrap other OS or spin-offs
  • Local iteration: With the container ecosystem, it’s easy to iterate development locally
  • Cloud first: support for the most important cloud technology in the landscape
  • Different variants: from Server to Desktop, from systemd to runit!

Here you will find Installations, articles and how-tos for the MocaccinoOS variants

Mocaccino Desktop

MocaccinoOS variant based from Portage

General section

Articles that applies to all MocaccinoOS flavors

Mocaccino Micro

Contributing to MocaccinoOS


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