Mocaccino Micro

Mocaccino Micro is a musl-based LFS distribution with a minimal set of packages in order to boot and build an entire OS.

At the moment are available alpha ISO releases, and the following docker images can be used:

$ docker pull

Extra repositories

Additional packages are available in the mocaccino-extra repositories.

To enable them:

$ luet install repository/mocaccino-extra

Service Management and Init

Service management on Mocaccino Micro

Installation notes

Installation and after install notes

Building packages with Micro and k3s

How to build packages with Luet in Mocaccino Micro and k3s

Running docker

Running Docker on Mocaccino Micro

Running wireguard

Running Wireguard on Mocaccino Micro

Last modified August 3, 2021: Add more samples (dc6b5a0)